Who Is The Richest Man In The World?

Ever wondered who is the richest man in the World? Well, the list of Richest Man in the World keeps shuffling but for now the richest man in the world is Bill Gates of Microsoft.

Sitting at the top of list of richest man in the world,  Bill Gates has an estimated wealth of around USD $40.0 billion. He is 53  years old American Software visionary. He  regained the  title as the world’s richest man despite losing $18 billion in the past 12 months

Prior to him Warren Buffett was the richest man in the world. He currently sits in second spot.

Here is the list of top 15 richest men in the world and their estimated fortunes in billion US dollars.

  1. Bill Gates —————- 40
  2. Warren Buffett———- 37
  3. Carlos Slim Helú——– 35
  4. Lawrence Ellison——-  22.5
  5. Ingvar Kamprad——–  22
  6. Karl Albrecht———–  21.5
  7. Mukesh Ambani——–  19.5
  8. Lakshmi Mittal———-  19.3
  9. Theo Albrecht———-   18.8
  10. Amancio Ortega——–   18.3
  11. Jim Walton————–   17.8
  12. Alice Walton————    17.6
  13. Christy Walton———-   17.6
  14. S Robson Walton——-    17.6
  15. Bernard Arnault  ——-    16.5

    You can check out the detailed list here.

    With the current economic slowdown, this list of The Richest Men In The World is likely to shuffle once again in a few weeks time. We will keep you updated .

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